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cnn Outsourced development
We managed outsourced programming for various projects for CNN with design work completed by Brand42.
classicf Outsourced development & project management
We managed outsourced programming for the 123sing site which was undertaken by our Malaysian team.
cityam Brand Analytics
Using our own product, Repskan, we deliver a weekly analysis report around the sponsorship of the Olympics
divelogo Design, development & marketing strategy
This start-up required a complex and unique system for which we managed the development and design. We are also providing on-going strategy and campaign management work.
lv Brand Analytics
Our Analytics team, based in London has been using Repskan to do Analysis on Louis Vuitton and their competitor brands.
mail_1 Outsourced Development
We worked as an outsourced programing team on the Daily Mail wbesite and worked with them to provide speed optimisation across the entire project.
quint Brand Monitoring & Analytics
Using Repskan for media monitoring and lead generation helped Quintessentially improve thier marketing efforts.
mothercare_logo Outsourced Development
We managed outsourced programming for various projects for CNN with design work completed by Brand42.
Brand development and web-design
The previous website for The STI Clinic, although had served the business well, and supported the company through considerable growth, it required a refresh with improvements to be made to allow for changes within the company’s traffic sources. View more information here.
Internal digital communications
Design and development of internal forums systems for the ORC's intranet - allowing different projects to have a common forum for client & staff communication.
Research & Online PR support
We work frequently with ENS for a variety of research projects and general support for completing online PR work.
Feasibility Analysis
We worked with this influential and dynamic foundation on the feasibility for new and ambitious online based projects. Getting good know-how from an early stage has been very important in refining ideas, their scope, understanding potential web-strategies and current and likely future technical limitations for ambitious web-projects.
Copywriting for SEO
We provided contracted article writing services for leadgalaxy allowing them to strengthen the search engine placements thier business depends on.
brand42_logo Web-Development & Web-Strategy
Brand42 is one of our core long-term clients, they are a renowned branding company and handle a number of prestigious corporate clients.
whiteleyvillage_logo Website for Whiteley Village
A quite complex website with a long list of features backed up with a full administration system to boot including; multilevel administration, photogallery, multiple wiki's, email management, download and upload areas and colaborative workspaces.

Rugby Awards website development
The development of the Rugby Business Awards This project was urgent and was turned around in 9 working days! - An impressive timescale for full design stages, design roll out, programming a full CMS, Administration system with cross browser testing.
Brand development
The old heartzine brand was tired and something more appropiate but adhering to heartzines medical journal roots was required.

audiomania_logo Web strategy in competative markets
We have been working with AudoMania to help them improve their online standing and provide a strategy for growth in this highly competitive field. We analysed their competitors, dug up some very interesting information and analysed the market and their current efforts in order to create a web-strategy which would give the best results without breaking the bank.
capricorn_logo Design Implementation
Implementation of design work for Capricorn, a top-end media training and video production company. Alloyfish is also working on the Search Engine Optimisation and Web-Marketing Strategy.
oceanwavemobiles Web strategy
We have been working with Ocean Wave Mobiles to help them improve their online standing and provide a strategy for growth in this highly competitive field.

Brand development and SEO
Medical Engineer has been number one in Google search for 'Medical Engineer' and other key terms for the past 5 years. We have also refreshed thier brand.

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