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The STI Clinic

The previous website for The STI Clinic, although had served the business well, and supported the company through considerable growth, it required a refresh with improvements to be made to allow for changes within the company’s traffic sources.

The design was benchmarked around aspects that were very successful from the old site and, with a re-brand, aimed to feel more trustworthy and speak to it’s customers in a way that was as professional and reliable as the service itself.


Race to the states was a project featuring a live competition linking up to various areas of social media and enabling users to compete in real-time.

Alloyfish handled project management, outsourcing of development and design implementation and was instrumental throughout the running of the campaign.

Dive Report

A SCUBA diving focused website which involved a reasonably complex build including an extensive CMS and multi-level administration system.

Alloyfish arranged the entire project from strategy to design and implementation.

The website includes a social network, messaging, interaction counting, report creation and a fairly complex animal calendar system all driven from a central CMS.

Mail Online

Alloyfish Ltd mobilised it's overseas programming team led by Vincent Murphy (in Kuala Lumpur) for the development of various aspects of design implementation on the now hugely successful Daily Mail website redesign.

This work involved various aspects of Java development, layout implementation and optimisation for speed of use.


Alloyfish worked with the Gulbenkian team to provide a detailed technical specification for a website's design for which the design was outsourced.

The programming & design implementation was completed by Alloyfish alongside server support and management.

Classic FM: 123sing

Alloyfish developed the 123sing site and ensured the design fit exactly based on specification.

The site had a wide variety of social and interactive features that had to be integrated with the internal database.

South Africa Tourist Board

The new My South Africa required a complex technical solution for a website that aimed to gather data from users from all round the world.

A semi-social network, with image, video and other content uploading - allowing people to share their experiences of South Africa was developed for Brand42.


A bespoke ecommerce system for the ordering of samples was required by Stonehouse Tiles.

Our team created a custom ecomerce platform to manage this task; giving them ultimate flexibility and the ability handle thousands of product types.

The STI Clinic

The previous visual identity for The STI Clinic left a lot to be desired and was significantly outdated.

At the clients request Alloyfish took the theme of the exisiting logo and from there created a new colour pallete and created the new, cleaner, more professional and semantic visual identity


Grow is a new brand for a specialist sales and marketing consultancy. The company required a brand that spoke strongly for their values and had links to the true benefits of what they do with their clients.

Alloyfish was involved with developing the company's name, brand feel and general tone of communication. Grow's brand helps them to differentiate from their competition and has scope for inevitable future growth.

Medical Engineer

Medical Engineer is an online resource site for the medical engineering community making its money predominantly through advertising.

The new brand reflects the maturity of the brand, and the accompanying logo represents a medical graphs & test results blended with a book on a shelf and provides the colour scheme for the visual identity.


Annmade is a manufacturer and distributor of slate goods based in the South West. Wishing to maintain a personal look and feel the company wanted a brand that had some harmony with traditional Cornish emblems often used to decorate their products.

The hedgehogs have long been part of the annmade corporate identity and their inclusion was essential.

Human Design Group

A small company with big ambitions. The Human Design Group required a mature and almost understated brand which was able to hold the very diverse projects they undertook.

The heart gives semantics of pan-European design while the use of a clean and honest font provides the company with the look and feel they desired.


Spanish property company rebranded as Spaigo based around the words 'spain' & 'go' with the red icon providing a link to the familiar red tile rooves of southern spain.


Who are they? - We can't tell you yet because they haven't launched yet! However, as a webbased start-up, with significant investment we look forwards to seeing their brand becoming the next big thing.

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